Final filtering of water for distribution is efficiently assisted by the Grundfos ranges of high-capacity pumps offering any pressure for any flow. Filtering processes range from a simple physical barrier to chemical or biological processes.

Grundfos can supply pumping solutions to cope with the hugely varying flow requirements of water to be filtered, ranging from huge split-case and mixed-flow pumps, where the focus is on moving water rather than added pressure, to our highly successful vertical multistage centrifugal pump (CR) – and covering all performance requirements in between.

Grundfos can supply the specialist expertise to help meet your performance objectives, from the initial identification of needs, to the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the pumping solution. Grundfos commissioning agreements ensure correct installation and service agreements cover all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts and pump audits.

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Pumps in Water Treatment

Pumps in Water Treatment

Water treatment with the pump as a central element.

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