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Climate change has made flooding much more common all over the globe – in both coastal regions and inland areas. A 30% heavier rainfall is just one of the many consequences – leading to loss of lives and severe damage to infrastructure.

Pumping stations help Philippine capital fight heavy rain

Watch the CNN Philippine report on how a total of 54 pumping stations scattered all around the entire metropolitan area of Manila help fight the consequences of flooding during periods of heavy rain.

Insightful flooding perspectives from industry leaders

Get insightful perspectives on the rising flooding problems of Asia from 417 sustainability industry leaders from all across the region. The Eco Business rapport, released by the sustainability-focused enterprise Eco-Business Research and sponsored by Grundfos, dives into the challenges and solutions.

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Holding back the floods on Java

Semarang is a vital port city. It lies low on the northern coast of Java, with ocean on one side and high mountains on the other. In addition, Semarang’s tropical rainforest climate makes it one of the wettest areas in the country. The result is massive floodwaters inundating nearly all parts of the city over and over – particularly the north side and city centre.

A new pumping station is changing that. 

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Shanghai Disney Resort turned to Grundfos for long term flood control solution

Meet Mr. Long, Senior Engineer at the Shanghai Centre for City Construction Design, and see how excellent product quality and a very close partnership has helped the Disney corporation meet its very high demands.

Grundfos' solutions work to prevent the consequences

Our solutions are already at play in several of the biggest cities of the world. We can contribute to your sponge city ambition too.