SMART water treatment

SMART Water Treatment

Grundfos provides the smartest, high-quality products and services for water treatment.

Our broad and comprehensive portfolio allows us to be the premier provider of water treatment solutions.

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Grundfos for engineers

Curves, specs, CAD drawings....

For each pump in our product catalogue, the Grundfos Product Center gives you all the information you need
– including pump curves, technical specs, CAD drawings, available spare parts, installer guides, videos and other documentation – all in one place.

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Safety Warning

Safety Warnings - Update March 2018

Grundfos is issuing two safety warnings about:

03/2018 - NEW:

CLICK HERE: UNILIFT AP12, AP35 and AP50 1-phase drainage pumps


CLICK HERE: UNILIFT APB 3-phase drainage pump and the MULTILIFT MSS 3-phase lifting station