Climate, water and energy


Climate change - a business opportunity

Grundfos strongly believes in enhancing our sustainability profile by offering cutting-edge green solutions, which will contribute to meet a number of global challenges in terms of climate change, water constraints and demographic changes, while at the same time making profitable and sound business in the long run.

As a global leader in pump solutions, we have a unique business opportunity in helping to improve energy efficiency of water solutions. We believe that our ability to pioneer and deliver superior environmental solutions to solve problems such as water shortage, mismanagement of energy and natural resources, inefficient infrastructure and increasing CO2 emissions is a way of focusing our capabilities in the areas where we can contribute most. It is clear that there will be a growing need for protection against flooding and better systems for transportation, filtration and treatment of water. However, we have already launched products that can meet the demands and environmental standards of tomorrow and many of them are based in or originate from Grundfos New Business A/S such as Grundfos BioBooster, Grundfos LIFELINK, Grundfos Sensor and Infarm A/S.

Taking our own medicine

Grundfos - being a part of the challenge - is ready to be a part of the solution. We do this by taking our own medicine and setting the goal never to emit more CO2 than we did in 2008. This is an ambitious goal and an important objective, as Grundfos’ CO2 emissions have a significant impact on the environment. See our footprint strategy.

It is our ambition to be a frontrunner when it comes to energy-efficient and cost-efficient buildings. We take our own medicine by focusing on sustainability when constructing new buildings and renovating existing ones. See our policy for sustainable buildings.

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