Marketing - Group Policy

In its long-term market strategy the Grundfos Group will primarily focus on markets with big future potential but at the same time strive to become the most global pump group in the world. The Group marketing strategy will be implemented in close cooperation with the market segments and sales regions.

In all markets as well as the individual market segments, the Group will work to achieve a market share big enough to become a market leader. Furthermore, marketing activities will be based on know-how within the fields in which the Grundfos product range is applied.

In its marketing activities the Group will use quality, environmental awareness and energy consciousness as decisive parameters.

In its sales activities the Group will always make use of high-level ethical marketing practices. In his/her sales efforts no member of Grundfos’ staff may talk unfairly about any competitor.

Grundfos companies shall play an active role in relation to trade associations and local authorities to the extent to which it is considered to increase Grundfos’ influence.

In order to protect the Grundfos corporate image and to establish good customer relations, each Grundfos company shall provide the best possible after-sales service through its own service organization supplemented by Grundfos-authorised service partners.

Any decision to market Grundfos’ products in areas where the Group is not represented by Grundfos companies, branch offices or joint venture companies must be made by Group Management.

Product pricing must be based on due consideration for Grundfos’ high branding position, the high quality of the product range, the local price structure and the overall interests of the Group.

The products of the Group shall primarily be marketed through Grundfos’ own sales organization and under the Grundfos name. However, in case of acquisitions, the Group Management may decide that the products of the acquired companies shall be sold in the names of these companies.

When justified by circumstances, sales to other pump manufacturers may take place with approval by Group Management.

If necessary, the product range may be extended by other pump manufacturers’ products. In such cases these products shall be marketed under the Grundfos name. The relevant segment management shall decide for which products this may be relevant.

In isolated cases third party products may be included in the product range in order to complete a specific order, but in such cases the third party product shall be sold under the third party name. Third party accessories may be included in the Grundfos product range where this supports the sale of Grundfos products.

The Group branding strategy shall ensure that customers, potential employees and other stakeholders will increasingly think of Grundfos as the most responsible, most future-oriented and most innovative pump group in the world. Group marketing activities must be standardised according to the Grundfos Branding Manual in order to ensure consistent and uniform marketing across regions and companies.

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