Explore your talent


When you join the Grundfos Graduate Programme you kick off a global career. You will become part of a global workplace with Danish roots and more than 17,600 passionate employees operating in 56 different countries. Are you ready to start the journey?

The Graduate Programme is a direct entry to a global career at Grundfos. Being in the programme means working internationally and in diverse environments. During these 2 adventurous years, you will explore your talent in 4 different positions within different functional areas in different locations. We hire graduates into our companies in China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Taiwan & US, but no matter which country you are employed in, you must take on at least 1 position abroad working from another of our 80 companies. So far, our Graduates have participated in exciting projects in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, India, Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland and US.

You as a global project leader

To accelerate your competence growth and real-life managerial development, our Graduate Programme is project-oriented with a multi-disciplinary and customized focus. You will be challenged to manage high-priority projects with stakeholders around the world ensuring that you will develop the holistic business understanding needed for you to take on a leading role in the future. Each project will be scoped to last 6 months and is chosen in accordance with current business needs and your personal development plan - your compass throughout the programme.

Support from senior management, HR professionals and a multi-cultural network

During the programme you will refer to four different project owners, who will act as your professional sparring partners related to the projects and your performance - All of them enthusiastic about supporting you as a young talent in Grundfos. To further guide you on your journey, you will have a committed senior manager as your personal mentor who will help you in your career decisions and to navigate successfully in our global organisation. Last but not least, you will benefit from dedicated HR programme managers who will coach you and provide career guidance according to your ambitions and the related learning and development activities needed. And of course, in addition you and all the other graduates will meet regularly to benefit from each other’s unique insight into various disciplines of the business, together develop new ideas and have lots of fun.

Your success is our success

With the Graduate Programme we offer you a chance to utilize, develop, mature and explore the reach of your talent. You will build up a crucial international network, work in diverse areas of the world, take part in a dedicated company with a purpose that makes a difference for the world and kick-start the journey of your career rising towards your ambitions. In Grundfos we have a strong focus on our people and we truly believe in the individualised talent development approach. We know that your success is also our success.

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